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“Every kitchen needs a Rose”

~ Nigel Slater

A Sourdough Day with Rose Prince

I first met Rose when I interviewed her for the BBC Radio Kitchen Garden Show. She instantly inspired me and I with her straightforward approach to ethical and sustainable food. Throughout Roses’ writing you can sense her passion for real food as she has campaigned for people to eat locally and with consideration. So I am delighted that Rose will be tutoring a class here on sourdough and baking tips and techniques. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Rose she writes the baking column for The Daily Telegraph,

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potato sourdough

Heritage Flour Sourdough Day

With more heritage flours available than ever before we can bake delicious deeply flavoured and wonderfully textured sourdough that is very close to these ancient loaves and explore the natural synergy between ancient grain and wild yeasts that transform the flour. Each age had its distinct flours and we cover a range of flours through the ages, from Neolithic, Bronze age, Iron age, Roman, Norman, Anglo Saxon through to Medieval, Elizabethan and Victorian we look at the distinct properties of each of them. The course is suitable for beginners  in

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It's really important to shape your dough before it goes into the banneton to prove.

How to shape a Sourdough Boule

If you look up the word “miche ” on wikipedia, you end up in the “pain de campagne,” on the French country bread page.  They look fabulous  .. but in essence a miche is just a big round (boule) sourdough bread – and with big,  I mean 2kg or more. It is what most people imagine when you say the word sourdough. To make a round sourdough of any size though  you need to shape your bred in such a way as to form a skin.  It is this skin that makes the crust so wonderful.  You then need to pop it into

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Sourdough Recipes

olive oil and fenne sourdough-x-680

Olive oil and fennel Sourdough

I have been working on recreating this fine olive oil loaf with its soft crumb and melichrous crust almost exactly as it was from a memory that now seems like a lifetime ago. The original memory of this loaf was from  a restaurant in the South West of France that was called “Les Haricots Vert,” Aged 18 and freshly qualified I worked nights in the local bakery. My bright-eyed romantic French beau would save for weeks to be able to afford to treat me to a meal in this wonderful

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use up leftover sourdough starter in your Rosti's

Sourdough Potato Rosti

  A potato rosti is the perfect brunch. They are quick to make, inexpensive and done right, should be crispy on the outside and sold and fluffy on the inside.  As well as being an easy way to use up leftover starter, adding the unrefreshed starter binds the potato together and adds a super flavour. Serves 6 Freezes No Ingredients 400g part boiled potatoes 4 tbs  unrefreshed 1:1 sourdough starter 2 tbs olive oil 1 spring of rosemary Salt and pepper to season Method Roughly grate the potatoes into a

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A Eldin

A Treatise on the Art of Bread-Making; By A. Eldin ( 1805)

A Treatise on the Art of Bread-Making; Wherein, the Mealing Trade, Assize Laws, and Every Circumstance Connected with the Art, is Particularly Examined. By A. Edlin The Treatise on the Art of Bread-Making is therefore one of the most important books about bread-making from the 19th century. As I have been researching  I had been looking for a copy of this book for a couple of years I came across two in the space of a week. I bought both, and have decoded to sell the one with the original binding.

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The perfect form of transport.  Stylish, carbon neutral and good for your health  - perfect to deliver sourdough bread on.

Beg Bakers Bicycle – Betty

I’ve thought about selling this lovely bike so many times.  Each time I have put her back in the garage, but the truth is she’s hardly ever seen the light of day. I bought her to deliver the sourdough bread with for the pop up bakery.  She is a beautiful bike, with lots of capacity. You can read more about Betty ..  ( yes that is really her name,)  over at www.begbicycles.com BEG’s beautiful Dutch bicycle Betty is a practical as a Bakers bike as she has an integrated front porter’s

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Judging The Sourdough Category of The World Bread Awards

I am delighted to have been invited to be the lead judge of the sourdough category of The World Bread Awards for the second year. These awards are a unique and celebrate the skill of bread-making in every sense. Whilst I love all competitions that get people to baking I particularly love that these awards both encourage and acknowledge the art of baking for everyone. The awards are open to all, from specialist bakeries to artisan home bread makers, small high street bakers, novices and professionals alike. Bread is a

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Fairtrade tea picker

Working on my next book

We all cook, bake and eat. We are all intrinsically linked. Anyone who eats is linked to the farmer who produced the food,  cooks are linked to farmers, and fishermen, bakers to millers, millers to farmers and untimely we all link back to the soil. We have during the past century succumbed to the empty dreams of industrialisation. Our links and understanding of our food and each other have been broken down, to marketing campaigns, run by conglomerates that we, like fools finance, allowing them to control our relationships with

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