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Sourdough Course for Beginners

Learn how to make Sourdough Bread on this beginners course. If you are completely new to baking bread and want to learn to make sourdough bread then this is the perfect sourdough bread making course. This sourdough bread course is still suitable for people with some baking experience, too, because we assume everyone on the course is on the same level and we cover all the basics of baking thoroughly. Most commercial bread offering doesn’t even come close to being as good as a loaf you bake at home We want real

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The Sourdough Bread Clinic

Making sourdough bread: Beyond the basics. There is nothing more frustrating than not quite getting it quite right and If you have had a go at baking sourdough and had some success and yet things still aren’t quite as great as they could be then you will want to know where you are going wrong and what you can improve. In this workshop you will learn that you can really step up your game in baking if you understand what is going on at each stage. We’ll make some white chocolate

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Priors Organic stoneground flour milled at Fosters Mill in Cambridgeshire

I popped over to meet Miller John Cook last week. I've been baking with Priors flour milled at Fosters mill,  in Swaffham Prior, which is just over the border in Cambridgeshire for about 2 years. It is the flour that I give to my students, to take home and bake with. As anyone who attends one of my sourdough courses will testify I firmly believe that making an artisan loaf  starts with using artisan ingredients. For me the base line integrity of my bread starts with my ingredients and buying

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The history of sourdough and bread making

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How bread has come full circle – John Letts Lammas Fayre Flour

Almost every time I teach a sourdough class I meet people who want to learn to bake using wild yeast because they find that they can easily digest long slow fermented bread.  One of the most common reasons for this is that the phytic acid is neutralised during the long slow fermentation, by the sourdough, but I wanted to know more about what made modern bread indigestible in the first place.  I began to research, reading old baking manuals, talking to food historians and studying scientific publications on the role

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The myth of hundred year old sourdough

My starter is over 100 years old. I can’t quite pinpoint the exact date that it came from but there are paper records of the bakery going back 156 years ago and evidence of it being there several hundred years before then.  So it seems that my starter has seen it’s way through two World Wars and has found it’s way back to my kitchen in Northamptonshire. It is originally from the bakery in the south of France where I spent my childhood. I love that it has history.  It

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Sourdough starter

Organic Sourdough Starter

The quickest way to get started when baking sourdough is to use a well established starter from a friend or another baker. My sourdough is refreshed using British organic wholemeal stone ground flour and is refreshed just before it is dehydrated. It is posted in a food grade paper that can be recycled,  and includes basic instructions on how to hydrate your starter and how to maintain it. Please note  I provide a basic sourdough recipe with the starter, however, there are so many variables that affect the success of

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There is something wonderfully romantic about keeping your 100+ year old starter in a stone jar from the late 1800's

Sourdough Starter with 19th Century Stoneware Jar

This limited edition organic sourdough starter is beautifully packaged in a British made hand stitched box, you will receive: A stoneware jar from the late 1800’s Vanessa’s organic dried sourdough starter Instructions on how to rehydrate and maintain your starter A dough scraper from Bakerybits 10% off for new customers code for Bakerybits The quickest way to get started when baking sourdough is to use a well established starter from a friend or another baker. My sourdough is refreshed using British organic wholemeal stone ground flour and is refreshed just

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A list of Sourdough websites for ideas, information & inspiration

In addition to the information on The Sourdough School site, there are many websites out there offering everything from an in depth exploration of the how’s and why’s of sourdough baking, to ‘how to’ guides and recipes for home bakers. While the list below isn’t exhaustive, it highlights some of my favourite sites and those I think you might find useful whether you are a beginner sourdough baker, or more experienced and looking to learn more and try new ideas. All list of sourdough websites covering all you need to

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The Grain Divide

The Grain Divide is a documentary telling the story about the history of grains and asking questions about the future of grain. I first saw a trailer at the end of the summer and having spent July and August in the village bakery in the South of France witnessing first hand the connection that the bakers have with the local miler and farmers and it really hit home; so much so that I stood up from my desk and cheered because the revolution happening. The film communicates in the most visual

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