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How to Refresh A Sourdough Starter

 How to refresh a sourdough starter One of the most confusing aspects of sourdough is the maintenance and feeding of a starter. Often the feeding regime is complicated and convoluted. in the end rather than write out another set of instructions I decided to make a short video on how to refresh a sourdough starter . Once your starter is established, transfer it to a clean, sterile jar and keep it covered, but not airtight, in the fridge at about 5°C/41°F and feed it every two weeks or so. To feed, remove

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Sourdough Recipes


Sourdough & Baked Cheese

I'm often asked which cheese I serve at lunch at The Sourdough School. If I am honest it depends on what i have in the fridge, but I make a real

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Photograph from Food For Thought by Laura Edwards reproduced with Kind permission from Kyle Books.

Food for Thought

Food for Thought has hit the shelves. It has been a journey like no other,  writing a book that is not only beautiful but highly political; from

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by Tara Craig on The Sourdough School
Well Worth It

I have been fortunate enough to attend two of Vanessa courses. Both about sourdough of course but emphasis on different aspects. I came away from both with more knowledge and confidence that I was on the right track. The tweaks I have since made to my sourdough adventures have worked wonders. Thanks Vanessa.You will be welcomed into a warm and friendly kitchen for the day and treated to a yummy lunch. Beginner or not it's a great opportunity for sourdough enthusiasts.

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The history of sourdough and bread making