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Digestible Sourdough

  Sourdough digestibility. One of the questions I am most often asked is about the digestibility of sourdough, and more specifically, why is it that some people find they can digest certain sourdough breads with ease, but not others? Many people want to understand why it is that they can digest certain grains and long slow fermented bread, or that they find sourdough uniquely easy to digest but not commercially produced bread. This course is suitable for beginners and specifically concentrates on the subject of digestibility and how to make

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Sweet Sourdough – Limited Edition Course

  Who does’t love a bit of something sweet? This sourdough course suitable for beginners and is all about adding sweetness in to our everyday sourdough. I am delighted to offer a limited edition sweet sourdough course. This sweet sourdough bread course is held in a beautiful Victorian kitchen.  The course is a combination of both hands on and participative demonstration.  You will be mixing your own starter, shaping sourdough and learning how to prove score and bake sourdough, and you will also prepare some sourdough to take home ready to bake.

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Fig, honey & Vanilla Sourdough

  Fig Sourdough I've added a limited edition sweet sourdough course to my calendar this week. It's not easy sweetening bread made with wild yeast, and I hate to loose the heart of the bread.  It still has to have that wonderful deep crust and be chewy and flavoursome, but at this time of year when the trees and the hedgerows are laden with fruit I can't resist adding extra to my loaves.  This week I added figs, with honey and vanilla.  I didn't plan to, it just kind of happened

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The history of sourdough and bread making

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The History of Sourdough Bread

( Updated post with new photos) Bread is older than metal; even before the bronze age, our ancestors were eating and baking flat breads. There is evidence of neolithic grinding stones used to process grains, probably to make a flat bread; but the oldest bread yet found is a  loaf discovered in Switzerland, dating from 3500 BCE. The use of leavening was discovered and recorded by the the Egyptians; there is some discussion about how this process happened, and the degree to which there was an overlap between brewing and

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How bread has come full circle – John Letts Lammas Fayre Flour

Almost every time I teach a sourdough class I meet people who want to learn to bake using wild yeast because they find that they can easily digest long slow fermented bread.  One of the most common reasons for this is that the phytic acid is neutralised during the long slow fermentation, by the sourdough, but I wanted to know more about what made modern bread indigestible in the first place.  I began to research, reading old baking manuals, talking to food historians and studying scientific publications on the role

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Sourdough starter

Organic Sourdough Starter

The quickest way to get started when baking sourdough is to use a well established starter. My sourdough is refreshed using British organic wholemeal stone ground flour and is fed with organic flour. It is posted in a food grade container that can be recycled. Please note  Please see this basic sourdough recipe to use with the starter, however, there are so many variables that affect the success of a sourdough loaf; a recipe does not guarantee a good loaf. To make a good sourdough loaf requires an understanding of

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Vanessa's courses are extra special because they are not just a one-day course, but attending a course means membership to the Sourdough club  club. With monthly events, exclusive recipes & offers so you stay inspired & keep baking and keep on getting better and better.

Online Membership to The Sourdough Club

This online  membership is ideal for people who live too far away to attend one of Vanessa’s sourdough bread making courses. It gives you access to Vanessa Kimbell’s step by step guide to baking sourdough, recipes, exclusive events, offers, giveaways and monthly baking challenges. The membership fee includes A sourdough starter posted to you A step by step guide to making sourdough chart and  recipe A 15 minute one to one Skype with Vanessa Full access to The Sourdough Club Members areas with step by step sourdough guides, recipes, articles,

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The book ….

It’s just a quick snap shot of the chocolate cake left on the side at the photo shoot for my new book yesterday.  I’m working really hard to finish the recipes at the moment,  and have been working with the most amazing team of home economists, food stylists, photographer and editor you could image.  It’s not all about sourdough, but it is right at the heart of the book.  It will be published in September by Kyle Cathie.    

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Sourdough and blood sugar response.

Sourdough bread makers have long known that the loaves they bake have a better flavour, crisper crust and a chewier interior than commercially produced breads, but one of the things I am most often asked about when I teach on sourdough bread making courses are the health benefits of long fermented bread. There are lots of claims about sourdough bread, some of them are true, some are urban myths, but the results of trials carried out in Canada have proven that a sourdough loaf has measurable health benefits when compared to both

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